• Full back support

    Full back support

    The back support is double pressure, three PE keels provide support for the lumbar, 360°three dimensional surround, fully pressurized, more comfortable to wear. This product use breathable fabric, quickly absorb sweat, skin-friendly and not stuffy. With the adjustable Velcro, the degree of tightness can be controlled at will. We support logo customization to provide you with better experience.
  • Metal strip back support

    Metal strip back support

    The back support is open design, easy for wearing, free size so most people could use it. It could attach the warm pads. High quality safety fabric, double Y cross lead, strong hook and loop, metal strip inside the back support makes your spine straight. It’s ergonomic design features adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt to allow maximum customization.
  • Cross traction posture corrector

    Cross traction posture corrector

    This product is used to improve the condition of hunchback or lumbar vertebra discomfort. Using cross type binding belt and breathable fabric, and different from other braces, this one adopts integral design, acting on whole back, the effect is more obvious. And designed according to human ergonomic, so the compact fits body shape.