• Full back support

    Full back support

    The back support is double pressure, three PE keels provide support for the lumbar, 360°three dimensional surround, fully pressurized, more comfortable to wear. This product use breathable fabric, quickly absorb sweat, skin-friendly and not stuffy. With the adjustable Velcro, the degree of tightness can be controlled at will. We support logo customization to provide you with better experience.
  • Women back support belt

    Women back support belt

    This back support belt use triangle stable design, can adjust your shoulders and straighten your back. With the powerful velcro paste belt, you can adjust the belt into a suitable position, the degree of tightness can be controlled at your will. The breathable fabric can quickly absorb sweat, which is also skin-friendly and not stuffy.
  • single shoulder support

    single shoulder support

    The shoulder support is used to prevent or alleviate the pain due to muscle cramps and   injury. The elastic material can provide help for maintaining body temperature, accelerating blood circulation, and facilitating rehabilitation, provide support for the stability of the tissue around the shoulder. The good compression can make your shoulder covered completely.
  • shoulder support with pad

    shoulder support with pad

    Made of high quality breathable and elastic material, the bind design can adjust the tightness according to your own situation. High quality hook and loop sticks firmly, not easy to falling off and has high durability. The unisex design shoulder brace
  • dual shoulder support

    dual shoulder support

    The brace helps protect shoulder from injuries. Pain relief and reduce recovery time from common injuries like: Rotator cuff injuries, Dislocated shoulder, AC joint injuries, Bursitis, Labrum Tear, Shoulder Pain, Sprain, Soreness, Tendinitis. The fabric is comfortable and breathable, the edge is strong and durable, the stitching is smooth. High elasticity and velcro straps keep the wrap firmly in place. 
  • X-shape posture corrector

    X-shape posture corrector

    High elastic and breathable neoprene material helps you improve bad posture, relieve your back, shoulder and neck pain, keep your spine aligned and upright at all time. Unlike regular posture correctors that are rigid and restrict arms movement. Rectify strap suitable for men and women for all seasons. You can wear it under your clothes and it can be invisible.
  • Shoulder posture corrector

    Shoulder posture corrector

    Innovative shoulder posture corrector design, sweat-absorption and flash drying fabric, improve your posture so you will appear tall and confident, soothes shoulder and neck pain, establish muscle memory, the well-chosen Velcro material, more stable and protect the muscle, the fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable, it’s easy to wear and remove with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Padded back support

    Padded back support

    Breathable and comfortable and flash drying fabric, doesn’t cut arms, wide and strong leather pad back support with adjustable long belt, the well-chosen Velcro material with strong stickiness, which is more stable, improve your posture so you will appear tall and confident, soothes shoulder and neck pain, it’s easy to wear and remove with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Metal strip back support

    Metal strip back support

    The back support is open design, easy for wearing, free size so most people could use it. It could attach the warm pads. High quality safety fabric, double Y cross lead, strong hook and loop, metal strip inside the back support makes your spine straight. It’s ergonomic design features adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt to allow maximum customization.
  • Cross traction posture corrector

    Cross traction posture corrector

    This product is used to improve the condition of hunchback or lumbar vertebra discomfort. Using cross type binding belt and breathable fabric, and different from other braces, this one adopts integral design, acting on whole back, the effect is more obvious. And designed according to human ergonomic, so the compact fits body shape.