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Quality Control

Raw material quality inspection


Our factory purchases the fabrics of sports protectors. The technology will have different requirements for the protection of protectors according to different sports. It is mainly selected according to the pressure of the protectors on the joints and muscles. The purchaser is required to strictly purchase specific parameters.
There are three kinds of sports protectors in our factory: knitted protectors, NEOPRENE rubber protectors, elastic bandage protectors.
Ordinary home / gym sports protective gear
The material is generally cotton yarn or blended yarn, which is woven with a circular knitting machine, and then hemmed to shape. Knitted protective gear is generally suitable for ordinary sports protective gear and to keep the joints warm.
High-intensity sports gear
NEOPRENE is a good protector material. The fabric has good elasticity and good breathability. It can provide good pressure on joints and muscle tissues. It has good protection performance and is suitable for high-intensity sports.

The best equipment for outdoor sports

The elastic bandage protector is made of cotton polyester yarn and rubber bands, which are cut into different lengths according to the needs of different body parts. The overlock and sewing magic buckle are used to fix the protector.
The bandage protector is easy to wind, can adjust the pressure freely, and has good air permeability. It can be used as a sports protector or as an emergency bandage. Good equipment for outdoor sports。

Inspection workshop



All the products of our factory are strictly controlled according to European and American standards, and they are in strict accordance with the international sports protective gear standards.
Main test sports protection products: waist, wrist, palm, knee and elbow and other protective equipment: painless, fixed length, protective area, wear resistance, binding force, impact strength / performance, sports protection product CE certificate, marking label / Warning label / User manual ...
All products in Sample room are strictly tested again when leaving the factory.

Office environment:


There are 6 core personnel in our business team. With a common dream, we have formed a team. Among them are experienced salesmen and more powerful leaders. We each do our best and complement each other. In getting along at work, everyone challenged each other and cooperated together, and established a deep friendship and good understanding.

Sample room:



Customers can see all kinds of sports gears we produce, all products in sample room are strictly tested again when leaving the factory.