Bamboo charcoal knee brace

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Bamboo charcoal knee brace is a product made of fabric containing bamboo charcoal fiber. Its composition also contains latex silk, cotton yarn, spandex, etc. The unique structural design of bamboo charcoal fiber makes the function of bamboo charcoal 100%. It is the best choice for moisture absorption and cold protection to protect the knee joint.

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bamboo charcoal/latex


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Protect knee, keep warm and safe











1.Suitable for children, women, men

2.The elastic knee support provides support to your children or your patella

3.Helps to support patella

4.Comfortable to wear

5.Elastic design won't affect your children's or your movement

6.The good compression can make your children or yourself knee covered completely

7.It provides comfort, superior flexibility and durability for daily wear




Separate opp bag, paper card or bulk as customer's requirement

Product Details:

Bamboo charcoal knee brace is made of pure natural high-temperature bamboo charcoal fiber, using the far-infrared radiation effect of bamboo charcoal and make the knee joint enhance blood circulation, feel warm and eliminate soreness.
Four features of bamboo charcoal knee brace: 1. It has the soft feeling like cotton, the smooth feeling like silk, the soft and silky feel has no sensation, and has the unique velvet feeling, and its toughness and wear resistance are very strong, with unique resilience;
2. Bamboo charcoal knee brace has antibacterial and bacteriostatic functions; on bamboo charcoal fiber products, bacteria are killed about 75% after 24 hours. This feature has become the best choice for protective clothing fabrics during the "SARS" period.
3. Anti-ultraviolet function; bamboo charcoal fiber fabric has almost zero ultraviolet transmittance of 200-400nm, and ultraviolet light of this wavelength is the most harmful to human body; ultraviolet transmittance of cotton is 25%.
4. Strong hygroscopicity and good air permeability; the cross-section of the bamboo fiber is deformed with irregularities, filled with nearly oval-shaped pores, and is highly hollow. It can absorb and evaporate moisture in an instant. Among all natural fibers, the bamboo fiber absorbs Moisture permeability and breathability rank first among the five major fibers. Bamboo fiber has a moisture regain rate of more than 45% and is 3.5 times more breathable than cotton. It is known as "a breathable fiber".
5. Negative ion, far infrared function; bamboo charcoal fiber far infrared emission rate is as high as 0.87, can promote blood circulation of the knee; at the same time, the high concentration of negative ion emission is beneficial to health.


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