Long resistance bands set

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Our bands are made from premium elastic materials and are held to the highest quality standards possible, these bands are non slip and will not break or roll up on your legs while you workout; includes an exercise book which contains the most beneficial leg and booty strengthening exercises, also includes a compact and portable mesh carry bag for taking the bands on travel trips near and far.

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The resistance band is a small physical training tool that is easy to carry, simple and convenient to use, and very effective. The elastic resistance band training tool is used in the fitness field, mainly used for men’s strength training and women’s slimming programs, and is widely used in the field of rehabilitation training.

The resistance band is suitable for use in various scenarios, whether in the gym or at home, this is a very useful fitness accessory. The length of this long resistance band reaches 208cm, which meets international standards and is made of high-quality latex. If you look carefully at this product, you can see the embedded latex thread, which makes the product tougher and more durable. Double sutures can be seen at the interface, which makes the product stronger. This long resistance band comes in a variety of colors, you can choose a three-piece suit in candy color, or a black-gray suit, all of which are packaged with a mesh belt that is easy to carry.

Advantages of long resistance bands:

1.Easy to carry and can train at any time. Lightweight, it is a training tool that you can carry with you. It has nothing to do with gravity and can rotate freely. The resistance comes from the stretch of the elastic band rather than the gravity of the earth. It is more free and changes during training.

2.There is no inertia, no motivation, no power. Since the provided resistance has nothing to do with gravity, you can’t borrow strength during training, and the training effect is better.

3.Can imitate daily movements and improve functionality. The elastic band training can be performed in any posture and in any plane, and the function is more powerful.



Body workout


Long fitness resistance band


Qiangjin/ OEM


Green, pink, purple or custom




Adjustable elastic durable


Polyester + latex

Modes of packing

OPP bag +mesh bag


208*3cm or custom

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