Sports and entertainment becomes a new competitive market

Recently, McKinsey and the World Sports Supplies Federation (WFSGI) have issued the “2021 Global Sports Report”, which refers to the eight-year development trend of global sporting goods, and sellers who sell such products can focus on.

Sports casual apparel becomes a new competitive market. The epidemic further blurred the boundaries of work and leisure time, and more and more people began to receive a comfortable sportswear all-day. The survey data shows that more than 75% of the industry representatives believe that the sports and leisure market will continue to grow steadily in 2021.

The individual sports gap is transmitting new healthy lifestyle. The new crown epidemic has prompted more families to enter low-income groups, thereby aggravating the gap between individual exercise. In 2019, 46% of US respondents at annual income below $ 25,000, said they lack movement; in respondents with more than $ 100,000, the ratio of non-exercise only 19%.

Sustainability is developing new normal in the era of epidemic. In the sporting industry, the proportion of environmentally friendly products has recently increased at 64% per year, and consumers have become more and more attention to sustainable products. The sales of such products will be better and better.

Digital fitness and sports communities are extremely hot. In the past 2020, due to the government’s restrictions, consumers have to maintain social distance and home isolation, which has driven digital fitness and online sports communities to develop rapidly.

The business model transition from the line to the line. In 2020, many consumers changed the model of consumption, and more favored online shopping. It is expected that the online sales on the line will be around 25% of the overall, six times the epidemic. In addition, its marketing form is also changing, with the extension or cancellation of the sports event, the new digital marketing is tilted to the consumer experience.

Entity retail pressure, but it is still a key to future channel combinations. Just simply showing that the product is not enough to meet the needs of customers, providing a differentiated experience for customers has become a new goal pursued by major brands.

Building a more flexible supply chain, building a more flexible supply chain has become one of the key agendas of sports supplies. The rear epidemic era, the demand cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, and the seller needs to constantly change to meet more needs of consumers.

Post time: Oct-18-2021