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The term wrist protector refers to a piece of fabric used to protect the wrist joint. In today's society, wrist protector is basically one of the necessary sports equipment for athletes.

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Size: S, M, L or can be customized
Color: multi-color or can be customized
Gender: unisex
Application: adult and children
Logo: heat transfer, pvc lable.etc
OEM/ODM accept
Material: neoprene, nylon
Function: protect wrist from injury, provide good compression

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The term wrist protector refers to a piece of fabric used to protect the wrist joint. In today's society, wrist protector is basically one of the necessary sports equipment for athletes. The wrist is the body part that people move most frequently and is also one of the most vulnerable parts. The chance of athletes tendonitis occurring at the wrist is very high. To protect it from being sprained or healing faster, wearing a wrist brace is one of the effective methods. 

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Sports wrist supports are generally designed with a single piece of joint winding, which can strengthen the wrist part, enhance stability, and relieve the stiffness and fatigue of the wrist caused by long-term exercise: the edge of the wrist edge after special treatment can greatly reduce the protective gear Discomfort when wearing, reducing the friction between the edge of the sports wristband and the skin: The single-piece winding type design can not only be adjusted according to personal needs, but also relax the movement space of the knuckles, which will not affect the normal movement of the entire hand.
The first role of the wrist brace is to provide pressure and reduce swelling; the second is to restrict movement and allow the injured area to recuperate. At the same time, it is best not to hinder the normal functioning of the hand, so if not necessary, most wrists should allow finger movement without being pinched.
People who like to play tennis, badminton, table tennis, after playing a ball, especially when playing backhand, the wrist will hurt, even if wearing elbow pads will hurt, experts tell us this is commonly known as "tennis wrist" . And this tennis wrist is mainly at the moment of hitting the ball, the wrist joint is not braked, the wrist is not locked, the extensor muscle of the forearm is over-drawn, causing damage to the attachment point, the wrist joint is not protected. There is still an excessive flexion when hitting the ball, so that the damage to the elbow joint can be increased. So when playing tennis, if you feel elbow pain, it is best to wear wrist braces while wearing elbow pads. And when you choose your wrist brace, you must choose the one that has no elasticity. The elasticity is too good to protect it. And don't wear it too tight or too loose, too tight will affect blood circulation, too loose and will not protect. Advantages for sports wrist brace: It has super elasticity, breathability and water absorption. Prevent wrist joint injury. Enhance wrist strength. Beautiful appearance. Comfortable. Fully show the sport style. Easy to wash. For health: a small investment. It will be a huge gain. Features for wrist brace: 1. The wrist brace is made of high-grade elastic fabric, which can be closely adhered to the use site to prevent body temperature loss, reduce pain in the affected area, and accelerate recovery. 2. Promote blood circulation: Promote the blood circulation of the muscle tissue at the site of use. This effect is very beneficial to the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. In addition, good blood circulation can better play the motor function of muscles and reduce the occurrence of injuries. 3. Support and stabilization effect: The wrist brace can strengthen the joints and ligaments to resist the impact of external forces. Effectively protect joints and ligaments.

Wrist Support Academic Article

How to use wrist brace correctly?
If you ask me to recommend training equipment, then for novices, waist belts and wrist support are enough.
Today we talk about wrist support.
More than 99% of people make mistakes in daily life. The wrist protector not only provides good protection when we hit a large weight, but also strengthens the stability of our wrist joints even at ordinary times. The importance of the wrist I believe everyone knows that once the wrist is injured, the basic push movements cannot be done. When we are doing upper limb push-related movements, the weight is directly applied to the wrist for support. When you use a large training weight, or are very tired, and the mental concentration is difficult to concentrate, it may cause the wrist to shake and cannot be maintained. In a stable neutral position, a sprained wrist may occur if one is not careful or tenosynovitis may occur due to long-term bad use habits. Regarding the use of wrists, most people simply put on the thumb buckle, and then wrap around the wrist for 3-5 times, but it is not correct. I will talk about the doorway now: First, put the thumb on the buckle, and then wrap it around the base of the palm until it wraps the wrist. More power lifting alliances do not allow the wristband to be wound 2 cm higher than the wrist joint. Too high a tie will cause the barbell to contact the wristband and cause the barbell to fall off more easily. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to touch the palm of the wristband, as long as the palm root and wrist joint can be fixed. As for the handling of the thumb buckle, buckle or not buckle according to your personal habits, do not be too tangled in this point. Observe a principle when winding, you want to get stronger assistance, the wrist should be as tight as possible without causing pain, which means that the wrist strap should be pulled as much as possible during the process of binding the wrist Go for winding. However, this is not required in all cases. For example, when you need to complete multiple training sessions, you can relax your wrist brace to ensure smooth blood circulation.

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